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Make Your Home and Community a Better Place With Your Own Garden

By Leslie Campos

For most people, a garden is a lovely space where one can appreciate the beauty of nature. But the fact is, it can be so much more than that. In fact, having your own garden has the potential to single-handedly sustain you and your family, and you can even help out your community. It goes without saying that the world would be a better place if there were more gardens, and so would your home. Live Love Eat Magazine invites you to explore the nitty-gritty of how you can start yours and what’s really in it for you.

Your Garden

A garden can be a truly beneficial addition to your home, but only if it’s executed right. It’s important, therefore, to start by learning the fundamentals of gardening and then learning as you go along. This way, you not only create the garden of your dreams, but make the most out of it, too.

● There’s more to growing a successful garden than just sticking plants into the soil, so learn home gardening tips for starters.

Choosing the right vegetables to grow requires a great deal of thought and consideration, too.

● Planting is really just half the battle; keeping a healthy garden is the other.

● Research fence companies in your area to help you build a barrier around your garden to protect it from any uninvited guests.

● Finally, you’ll want to harvest your vegetables appropriately to ensure that they’re fit for consumption.

Your Home and Family

Ideally, your garden should be able to serve your family in more ways than one, so it’s definitely important to keep this as an objective as you start to grow it. From yields of fresh and healthy vegetables to the many benefits of gardening itself, know what you and your family can look forward to.

● Having a great lineup of delicious vegetable recipes ensures that your harvest is not only put to good use, but also savored to the fullest.

● There are many reasons why you should eat more produce like fruits and vegetables, and having your own garden will guarantee that you do so regularly.

● As a bonus, making gardening a family affair can have massive benefits for overall wellness.

Your Community

It’s wonderful to note that growing food in your garden can actually serve your community at large, too. So take the opportunity and the initiative to contribute your garden’s bounty to help those who are most in need.

Sharing your harvest is a wonderful way to show those who are most in need in your community that you care, plus it minimizes food waste.

● It’s also a way to set an example for your children who should learn that feeding the hungry is everyone’s responsibility.

●You can also donate fresh produce and preserves to your local food banks, food pantries, and soup kitchens.

Needless to say, growing a garden will add untold value to your home and community, as well as do so much in preserving various people’s health, in and out of your home. So if you’ve ever had half a mind to start a garden, now is the perfect time to bring it to life.

Leslie Campos created to offer help and resources to busy parents who want to stay healthy and active. She loves to practice yoga, CrossFit and watch The Great British Baking show when not working or running her children to various after school activities

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