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Linda Watson is the owner and creator of Soul Guide Astrology. She is a member of the American Federation of Astrologers. She provides birth chart readings and solar return (yearly) chart readings, offering support, insight and guidance to better help others find their focus and move forward with their dreams. You can schedule a consultation by visiting her website, Find her on Facebook at or on Instagram at

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Victoria is a Certified Transformational Life Coach specializing in helping high-achieving women to heal their relationship with food & their body. She is a coach, mentor, speaker, and writer; working with women from all around the globe, speaking at worldwide events, and is a writer for Live Love And Eat Magazine. Victoria has lived with eating disorders and body hate for over 20 years. (she was diagnosed with Anorexia Nervosa in her early teens and then Binge Eating Disorder and Bulemia in her early twenties). Through her own personal experiences, education, certification, and countless hours spent on personal development, she holds the skills, knowledge, and empathy to guide and support you to food freedom whilst building a loving relationship with yourself and your body. Victoria has profoundly helped many women around the world to transform their lives and she knows the importance and value of constantly investing in and improving herself in order to serve her clients powerfully. Her goal is to positively impact millions of women from all around the world.

Podcast: “Victoria’s Secrets To Health & Happiness” on any podcats platform


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Lori Booty is a Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach with over 20 years of experience teaching elementary school and a Masters in School Counseling. She is the owner and creator of Lori began her health transformation after watching her mother battle a traumatic illness and she realized her own health was not as good as she wanted it to be. She found out that nutrition held the key to improving her symptoms and not medications with terrible side effects. Throughout her journey, she's found that there are many natural remedies she could turn to for her family and not always have to rush to the doctor. One of the most surprising remedies she found was that her thoughts actually impact the quality of her health. She now works to support women who are exhausted from raising kids and caring for aging parents to get back their own health without using medications or crazy, complicated diets.


Sharon can help you achieve your fitness goals in the gym, at home & also outdoors. Personal training is available 1-2-1, in couples & also small groups. Body coach fitness has a holistic approach to health & wellness, fitness, nutrition & sports performance & is dedicated to educating people on the benefits of a healthy lifestyle! Whatever your goals Sharon will help you achieve them. When not training others to achieve their goals Sharon works towards her own, training hard to compete at an international level as a natural physique competitor.


Debra Letchworth is a "recovered" pharmacist now working in clinical research.  She is also a Reiki practitioner, certified herbalist, fantasy author, and geek of long-standing.  One of her goals is to help people along their journey toward health while still maintaining a sense of fun.  


Curt Lewis. Curt Lewis is a Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach (CTNC) and Mental Health and Emotional Eating Specialist through the Institute for Transformational Nutrition. He is also a Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) and Fitness Nutrition Specialist (FNS) via the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). He focuses on helping others live longer, healthier, and happier lives through fitness, nutrition, and self-care. Curt can be reached at and on Facebook and Instagram at Real.Fit.Lifestyle.


Wendy Sterling is a Divorce Recovery Specialist, writer, author, and speaker who founded The Divorce Rehab™. Wendy helps divorced women recover from their divorce by finding their true identity and voice by ending their pity party, mourning the loss of their marriage to create a new, better life they design. Prior to becoming a certified life coach, Wendy established her 18-year career as a top-level advertising sales executive in the digital space, at the world’s most progressive social and lifestyle website brands (such as Who What Wear and Refinery29). After learning of her own unexpected divorce and finding the world of coaching, she realized she could combine her 20 years of experience in Corporate America as a leader with this new coaching methodology and make a profound impact in the world. She helps women see their divorce as a gift, it happens FOR them not TO them. Wendy is a graduate of UCLA and a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) from The Co-Active Training Institute. She is also an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) through the International Coach Federation. She is a guest blogger on Hello Divorce as well as a Contributing Writer for Divorced Girl Smiling.




Mark Semple is a Certified Comprehensive Coach, Energy Healer, Retreat Leader, Yoga Teacher, Author, and Speaker. His passion is supporting couples in bringing back their passion & intimacy and co-creating the mutually fulfilling relationship they both desire.
Mark utilizes a variety of intuitive coaching & energy clearing techniques to identify & resolve the root causes of his clients’ opportunities. He works with his clients via individual sessions, powerful workshops, and transformational retreats.

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Tracy Markley is the owner of Tracy's Personal Training, Pilates & Yoga Studio. She is the author of 9 books. Her work is known for training stroke survivors. She also created the CEC course "Stroke Recovery Training" for the fitness industry. Tracy was one of the IDEA 2020 Personal Trainer of the Year Finalists. She is recognized for her work, books, and for helping stroke survivors worldwide. She is an NFHOF Pro (National Fitness Hall of Fame) Recognized as one of "Today's Top Trainers" in 2019. She believes “Knowledge is Power” and has earned many certifications in the fitness industry.  She is the 2021 IDEA Personal Trainer of the Year.

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Sherry Parks, CPA, is a Money Mindset Coach who helps women escape feeling trapped by their finances. She is passionate about helping women change mindset, emotions, and actions regarding money so that they learn to keep what they have and generate more.

Check out her 5 Steps to a Better Money Story workbook ( or join her women-only Facebook group More Than Enough Money Sisterhood.


Linda has been in love with the written word for as long as she can remember, and by the age of ten, she wanted to write a book. Although she has not yet achieved her childhood dream of writing a book, she has written for television, as well as produced training and sales informational materials. As a strong believer in giving back, she has penned several articles for non-profit organizations. Linda is currently working on a made-for-television movie.


Ana Vucetic is a Psychologist, Certified Wellness Coach, Founder of “Balanced by Ana” and mother of 2 beautiful boys.  Driven by her own health struggles – Ana now is on a mission to help women feel comfortable in their bodies and stop the endless dieting cycles. She helps achieve a balanced approach to life and wellness by helping

cleaning your emotional pantry, not kitchens! Ana believes that a balanced life is not just about the food we eat and how we move, how many hours in a week we put into our fitness routines and meal preparation - It is also how we process stress, how we manage relationships, how we balance our hormones for optimal functioning as well as knowing your own body and the signals it gives you.

Ana could bring loads of value by speaking on the following topics:

  • Psychological reasons you can’t lose weight;

  • How to heal from constant restrictions, binge eating, and emotional eating?

  • Signs and symptoms that you might be struggling from post-partum depression;

  • Nutrition in pregnancy by each trimester;

  • How to prepare for a healthy pregnancy – from nutrition and psychology aspects;

  • Intuitive eating and Intuitive fasting – understanding what is hunger and what is cravings?

  • How to navigate your nutrition, wellness, and stress while working from home?

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In case of booking inquiries or any questions, please contact The Podcast Growth Agency

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Jace Jacobs is a Happy Mindset Poet, Performer, and Creator @ Jace is an author and spoken word poetry performer. His Happy Mindset Poetry books are available on Amazon or via Jace enjoys helping cool souls raise their vibrational state so they can experience more confidence and clarity in their life.

Appreciate Everything ~ Love Fully ~ Need Nothing

Visit the social media links below for video performances of spoken word rhyming happy mindset poetry.

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Dr. Danielle Litoff DPT is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and Health Coach at Battle Born Health in Reno, NV.

Her practice focuses on the principles of modern, proven medicine, delivered with an old-fashioned commitment to patient care and one-on-one relationships.  For more wellness tips, visit her blog where she writes about various topics of nutrition,  health, and physical therapy."


Kim Klein is a Life Coach, Certified Holistic Health Coach, Certified Feng Shui Practitioner, and author. She is the founder of Kim Klein Life Coaching and Wabi-Sabi Women and is the author of Damn, the Pusherman ~ Sugar, The Legal Drug that is Keeping You Sick and Fat, and Nine Degrees North, a young adult fiction novel.


Sky Snow Poetry is a Poetry and blog writer. Aspirations to study Forensic Psychology as a degree.


Judy Brown has a BA in Biology from Connecticut College and is a Certified Holistic Health Coach trained by the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. She coaches women in their midlife years who want to reclaim their health and discover a more balanced and vibrant lifestyle. Judy provides individual and group coaching, workshops, smoothie demos, guided meditations for groups, and is an active blogger. She has two grown children. Judy loves to read, write, walk in the woods, sail, have afternoon tea, and explore the world with her husband.


As a Personal Wellness Chef, Anisha strives to inspire and empower people to promote their health and wellness with food. She creates, cooks, and teaches nutritious recipes and meals in your home. Her goal is to bring back the power to reach your wellness goals back into your hands with food as medicine in your own kitchen. Anisha believes that nutritious food can help us stay healthy and can also help us heal and recover. By working with individuals and families on their health goals, she incorporates key nutrients and ingredients in her custom recipes, workshops, and menus for each client and family to focus on their individual health needs.

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Kathryn Williams has been working in the fitness industry for 25 years - for big corporate firms from overseas, the UK to Australia to running her own business Zestfit ( which is 10 years old now) 


She is a Mum of two juggling family life and understanding the pressure, we as women are under. I want to educate women fitness is fun, not a chore, and food is fuel, not the enemy. 

I’m extremely passionate about making fitness accessible for all women and to break down any intimidating aspects through movement & kindness.  During 2020 I made it my mission to bring fitness into people's homes. The pandemic taught us that fitness was moving up the necessity ladder Therefore launching Zestfit Virtual Studio became my priority.  25 years on I'm motivating more and more virtually! and I love it.  I live, eat & breathe fitness - Real Results for Real Women 


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