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Bernadine Otto
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Meet our Managing Editor

Bernadine Otto is a Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach & an EFT Practitioner and the Managing Editor of The Live, Love and Eat Magazine.

After coaching thousands of people on Health and Wellness and struggled with her own health and weight Bernadine founded the Live Love and Eat magazine to reach even more people that are interested in health, nutrition and spirituality.   

She created a magazine that has content from health coaches and professionals whom have all overcome their own personal life and health challenges.


We at Live Love and Eat strive to reach out and touch all people with a message of love and wellness. 

Bernadine is married to her husband Albert and has 3 children and 1 fur baby.  She lives in Cincinnati Ohio.

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Live Your Life to the fullest

Love Yourself enough to make changes in your health and wellbeing


Healthy Recipes people can make for healthy living

What is inside!

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