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Are You Ready to Boost Your Confidence Levels?

Written by Lance Cody-Valdez

Entering into the world of adulthood can be a frightening time. Much has changed societally over the past few years, and your life may feel less predictable, which can take a toll on your self-confidence. But, there are many ways that you can take the reins of your future into your own hands by boosting yourself up starting today. Live Love and Eat Magazine shares some tips.

Make Fitness a Part of Your Daily Routine

Physical fitness is important at every stage of your life. You should make it a point to be active every day by doing something that gets your heart rate up. Importantly, before you begin any new fitness training regimen, you’ll want to visit your doctor. If you’re younger than 18, have your parents take you to your pediatrician so that you can talk to them about your goals. You can also bring these ideas up at your annual wellness visit. They may have recommendations for areas that you should focus on, such as maintaining your weight or prioritizing strength training.

Start Looking Ahead in Your Career

When you’re in high school or your early college years, you probably already have an idea of how you want your career to look in the years ahead. But if you have yet to do so, it might be a good time to talk to your parents or school counselor about determining a major. They will likely advise you to start by looking at your passions. If you are interested in animal care, for example, working toward a degree in veterinary medicine may be a good option.

Even if you’ve not yet committed to a college, you can explore potential careers by getting a job now. If you have very little experience, you can use a free resume template to help create a professional resume. You can use this to accompany your application in order to draw interest to you from prospective employers.

Don’t let people tell you that you’re too young to have a great idea for a business. Whether you were that kid hustling lemonade on your front lawn or not, you can start putting your entrepreneurial spirit to work. If you have a great business idea, make sure that you go about it the right way by forming a real business. You’ll need to complete a few steps and file the correct state-specific paperwork. And if things pick up speed quickly, know that there are ways to outsource tasks. Remote staffing is comparable to a talent scout, but the scout offers more flexibility in terms of time commitment and search radius. Look at your options if you need help with things like accounting or scheduling.

Reduce Negative Influences in Your Life

You probably already know who your toxic friends are - the ones who take every opportunity to upstage you or put you down, even if they laugh it off as a joke. According to Thrive Global, these friendships can have a significant and negative impact on your self-esteem and self-respect. Remember, you do not have to continue to be friends with someone if they don’t contribute to your well-being.

Negativity is not just found within the people we surround ourselves with in person. It can also come from the voice of criticism in your head. You may have negative influences on your social media. That online persona that you so greatly admire has likely been heavily edited. If you need to see examples of how people look before and after a touch of Photoshop magic, a quick Google search will showcase plenty of examples, particularly of celebrities who simply don’t look the way you always see them. Remember, social media does not reflect reality, and it can lead to everything from FOMO to a negative body image.

Energize Your Environment

Take stock of your living environment too. Your surroundings play a big role in how you feel in your day-to-day life, so it might be wise to make some changes. Swap blinds for sheers to let in more natural light, add a few houseplants, buy a new piece of artwork and determine whether your walls could use a makeover. If you want a fun change, try peel & stick wallpaper that you can customize to your own taste. Fortunately, with this type of repositionable wallpaper, you can change your mind as often as you like!

These are just a few examples of ways that you can take control of your life today. As a young adult, you have to begin making decisions that reflect your wants and needs, not those of others. There’s no shame in making changes, especially if they lead you down the path to the self-confidence you need to begin the next chapter of your life. And if you take on a big challenge like starting your own business, don’t be afraid to outsource some of your work to focus on the bigger picture. Looking to verified resources like Live Love and Eat Magazine for wellness information is also a great strategy to keep your focus on health and your overall wellbeing as you also grow your confidence levels.

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