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Amazing Tips and Resources for More Effective Parenting

By Leslie Campos

Raising kids is one of the hardest jobs on the planet. Most parents would love some kind of instruction manual that outlines all of the steps they should take to raise the perfect child. Unfortunately, no such book exists. And since everyone is different, it’s important for parents to find the unique parenting strategies that work best for their children. Raising kids through childhood and beyond is largely a process of trial and error. That said, a little advice never hurt anyone! Here are some tips from Live Love and Eat to help you improve your parenting game.

Encourage Strong Self-Esteem

Setting a good example for your kids includes modeling the attitudes you want them to develop. Help your kids develop great self-esteem by showing them that you value yourself!

● Treat yourself with love and kindness, and your kids will learn to do the same for themselves.

● Show your kids that you’re taking steps to achieve your dreams, like going back to school and earning a degree.

Admitting your mistakes can show your kids that failure is nothing to be scared of.

Focus on Rewards Over Punishments

Positive parenting strategies can encourage better behavior in kids of all ages—without inflicting harsh, punitive consequences.

● Offer plenty of praise when you catch your kids doing something right.

● Help your children avoid falling into the perfectionism trap by praising their effort rather than focusing on their accomplishments.

● Try to address the cause of your children’s behavior problems to ensure they feel heard.

● Let your kids experience natural consequences to help them learn from their mistakes.

Prolonged consequences, like grounding your children for several days, are not effective for improving a child’s behavior.

Show Them Unconditional Love

Children need to experience unconditional love in order to feel emotionally safe. Beyond telling your kids that you love them, make sure your actions show it as well.

● Show your children the same level of respect you show your spouse.

● Prioritize time with your kids, even if you’re really busy with work.

Express empathy when your child is angry or hurt.

No one can deny that parenting is hard work. But raising great kids may be easier than you think! As long as you show your kids love, compassion, respect, and support, they’re bound to grow into wonderful little humans!

Leslie Campos created to offer help and resources to busy parents who want to stay healthy and active. She loves to practice yoga, CrossFit and watch The Great British Baking show when not working or running her children to various after school activities

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