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You're the light

By Jace Jacobs

I find it useful to focus on what I love.

I was feeling a little speechless when it came time to write this month's article. So I did what I do best. I headed out into nature and let my thoughts do the rest.

I could have focused on some drama or how my commute can take a while. I could have focused on the hard times in life but that's just not my style.

I chose to express some chill happy rhymes. It's the sunset, love, and light. I chose to share some positive words to help both our days become bright.

There can be a lot of chaos in life and sometimes it's hard for the positive to see. Instead of writer's block, I focused on what I love and let the words just come to me.

Namaste ☮️

Jace Jacobs

Appreciate Everything ~ Love Fully ~ Need Nothing

You're the light

Another beautiful sunset

Those sunbeams streaming by

Cool colors all around

I see that wink in your eye

I sing another line

As we say goodbye to the day

Soaking it all in

Watching the critters at play

Would you walk across the park

If I asked you to hang with me

Holding hands and sharing smiles

That chill vibe and just be

I know that feeling

As the day drifts off to the night

Ahhh yeah I trust my intuition

In the darkness, you’re the light

Life is a beautiful journey of lessons. Love is always the answer. If you turn your focus within you just might find your heart will help guide you in the best direction.

Meet Jace Jacobs! Jace Jacobs is a Happy Mindset Poet, Performer, and Creator @ Jace is an author and spoken word poetry performer. His Happy Mindset Poetry books are available on Amazon or via

Jace enjoys helping cool souls raise their vibrational state so they can experience more confidence and clarity in their life.Appreciate Everything ~ Love Fully ~ Need Nothing#HappyMindsetPoetryVisit the social media links below for video performances of spoken word rhyming happy mindset poetry.

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