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The One-Degree Shift

By Jace Jacobs

Your life is a sweet collection of diversity. With each experience helping you learn more about what you want and what you don't want.

There are good and bad moments that show up frequently in your life. What matters is how much attention you give them.

Sometimes making a small one-degree shift in your thoughts is all it takes to move to a better feeling emotion. Then you repeat the process and make another one-degree shift. All you do is keep moving toward better feeling thoughts, and your emotions will follow. You are the best person to decide what feels right for you. So what are you focusing on right now?

Are you drifting into the darkness (anger, judgment, negativity) or are you hanging out in the light (happiness, harmony, and positivity)?

Either way, it's your thoughts, experience, and journey. It's all you. The beauty of life is that you get to choose where you hang out with your thoughts and emotions. You are attracting vibrations into your life so you might as well attract some good ones one-degree at a time.

The poem below is one of my favorites from the book Peace & Love and it helps share how life can be lived with the philosophy above.

I Choose to See

Everyday I wake up

I greet my energy in the mirror

I raise up my vibration

And limit any drama I may hear

If it's out of my control

No need for worries from me

I do what I can with a smile

And let some things be

So with each breath I expand

A creator focusing on a new thing

There is power in my creations

I embrace what makes me sing

I pay little attention

If it doesn't align with me

I focus on what I love

And I love what I choose to see


Namaste Knuckles, Jace Jacobs

Jace Jacobs is a Happy Mindset Poet, Coach, and Creator @ .He enjoys helping cool souls raise their vibrational state so they can experience more confidence and clarity in their life. Appreciate Everything ~ Love Fully ~ Need Nothing #NamasteKnuckles ​ Mindset Musings Book One ​ Peace & Love Book Two

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